About Us


It begins with…

a group of Minecrafters who where part of an existing group called ClanCraft. They enjoyed playing together, but wanted to play more as a Vanilla SMP. With this in mind, they decided to break and become the Lionheart Dynasty SMP.

Along the way they picked up more liked minded players. They picked up new people along the way and lost a few, but they continued along because the group enjoyed the game.


Season 2: Courage

Season 2 brought about a new seed, new members, and general direction for the group: Courage. The theme of courage was a chance for everyone to have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and be brave enough to try new things.

The aquatic update had just come out, so this gave the group the idea to start the season together on a community island. Spawn island become the key fixture of the community that brought everyone together.

The season progressed and members moved out into there own bases and created their own unique marks on the server. Eventual it had to come to end.


Season 3

We have brought on more new members than ever before to join our existing group. You can say hello to DarthNinja501st, HotCuppaTV, KPG, Madam_Artista, MadDogGrogan, Naragath, peppy, ResonantVirus, RevDragonus, and TopStiGear. It’s a wonderful mix of YouTubers and Streams to help bring lots of new content to you.

Are far as gameplay, it’s still Vanilla JAVA Minecraft with a few datapacks to simplify life for an active group. We are playing on Minecraft 1.15.2, with plans to help tacial the next few releases of the game.

We want to say thanks so much for being a part of this wonderful community and we hope you are all as excited for season 3 as we are! Check the playlist for new episode content and got to the members page to get links to any members YouTube and stream channels.